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#routing-com Channel Guidelines

We have setup the channel #routing-com to provide some limited assistance to users with reference to Routing Committee procedures and to explain any elements of the documentation which may be unclear.

We do not provide help with configuring ircd, nor do we "hand-hold" users or prospective server admins through the application process. The channel provides purely clarification of any ambiguities which may be encountered, or in some cases we can assist with linguistic support for non-english speakers to provide further clarification of the documentation.

In addition, the channel is NOT a help channel, so don't even bother asking for help from an IRC Operator to get ops in your channel, or other issues, because you will not find help here, and in fact will most likely be banned.

Under most circumstances, however, questions which are asked in the channel which have a clear and concise answer available in the documentation will result in you being told to read the documentation first. We will only further assist you if the documentation does not clearly answer your question, or there are any issues which are not directly covered by the documents.

In addition to the above, general "geek" chat is welcome in the channel, but please bear in mind that routing-committee information takes precedence over other "chatter". If you are asked to hold off on your chatter by an op or a member of the routing committee, then please respect that request.

Please ensure that any on-join scripts, and broadcast "away" messages are turned OFF while in the channel. Automatic away messages serve no purpose since if one is away they will obviously not answer. They only serve to send superfluous traffic to the channel with no benefit. Please turn it off!

Do not ask for ops, as you will not get it. Only members of the routing-committee and IRC Operators/Admins may be opped in the channel. We are not specifically a help channel, and thus do not [at this time] employ the use of "helpers".

If you are an applicant for a server, we will not answer questions like "do I have a chance" or "when is my application going to be voted on". You will be referred to the routing-com website which will give you the status of your application.

Undernet Routing Committee 20050116

*** Romanian Applications ***

We are no longer accepting applications for servers residing in Romania.

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