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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I keep getting the following error when I submit my application
    Sorry, we are unable to process your application at this time. Please ensure that all technical requirements outlined in the information for candidates document are complied with and reapply.

    A: There are elements of your server information which do not conform to the "Information for Candidates" document or the "Technical Requirements" document. You must fully read all the relevant documentation and ensure that the criteria is specifically satisfied or this error will occur.
  2. Q: Why an FAQ?
    A: In order to assist applicants seeking to submit an application. Often the same questions are asked repeatedly which can be covered by such an FAQ.
  3. Q: I have a server on xDSL or Cable, can I link?
    A: No. We do not accept applications from servers on DSL or Cable.
  4. Q: How much bandwidth do I need to be considered ?
    A: At the *very* minimum, 4 Mbps with diverse connectivity to multiple providers. Otherwise, minimum 10 Mbps. Note also that if this bandwidth is shared with a business or ISP for its own purposes, then we will only consider the application if the total usage of the available bandwidth does not exceed 20% of available capacity at the time of application.
  5. Q: Do you accept applications from "rented shells", "IRCD Shells", or shell providers?
    A: In short, no. The Undernet does not accept servers from such entities as the servers provided are generally not dedicated to the function, and often are not sufficiently secured.
  6. Q: The Routing Committee is supposed to only look at the technical merits of a server application. I had an application submitted which was rejected without even being voted on simply because I used to be a member of xxxxx hacking or warez group. What gives?
    A: It is true that the Routing Committee itself does look at only the technical aspects of the application. Having said that, the Routing Committee is subordinate to the Undernet Admins committee who can at any time object to an application on non-technical grounds provided suitable explanation is given. (Note that this explanation does NOT have to be provided to the applicant, only to the routing-committee). Such override requires at least two voting-members of the Undernet Admins committee to lodge an objection prior to the application being considered for vote by the Routing Committee. This is called "Override Authority" of the Undernet Admins committee. Any such applications will usually contain a note that they had been overruled by the Admins Committee.
  7. Q: Why does the Undernet not accept applications (in general) from educational networks, despite those networks usually having excellent connectivity, bandwidth, and security?
    A: In the vast majority of cases, server applications from educational networks are submitted by students. For the Undernet, this represents an unstable element in that the IRC server then risks being neglected due to the student's studies and in a number of past cases, the administrator simply graduated and the server was left un-managed. We may, however, consider on a case-by-case basis applications from an educational network provided that the application comes from a faculty member, and that faculty member has the authority within the school or university organisation to approve the running of an IRC server from that educational network. Note, however, that even if these requirements are met, this does not necessarily mean that the server will be accepted; again, these are rare occurences, and only happen on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Q: I have a provider who provides dedicated servers, hosted in their rack spaces, for a monthly or annual fee. This provider has excellent connectivity, but the server itself is dedicated to my use and nobody else has access to it. Can I apply?
    A: It depends. If you are the OWNER of the server, or if you are a legal associate or employee of the company who owns the server (and thus also have root access to it), then you may apply, provided the owner of the BANDWIDTH (i.e. the provider) also approves of running such a server in light of the inherent security and denial of service risk that IRC servers pose. In this case, at least one member of the administrative team for the server must also have physical access to the machine, in case of problems. As a general rule, we do not accept applications for servers located on "leased server" arrangements, such as RAQ servers, managed service providers, leased-hosting providers, etc.

    *** Romanian Applications ***

    We are no longer accepting applications for servers residing in Romania.

    Undernet Routing Committee

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