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Undernet Routing Committee

Bandwidth Requirements

Last Updated: 20001020

This document is intended to give an estimate of the total bandwidth requirements for an Undernet Server. The table below gives average bandwidth figures for two types of server (hub and leaf). Measurements were taken for a two week period in October 2000 and averaged to give these results.

Server Type Number and Type of Connections Average Nominal Operational Bandwidth Average Burst/High-Traffic Bandwidth
HUB 4 Leaf Connections 1.042 Mbps 2.476 Mbps
Client/Leaf 1 Hub Uplink + 4000 Clients 3.148 Mbps 7.141 Mbps

The bandwidth consumption averages shown are based on ONLY Undernet traffic. This does not include traffic and bandwidth usage for the hosting site's normal business operations. This factor should be born in mind when determining whether a site has available resources to host an Undernet server. Generally, any site which consumes 70% or more of their available bandwidth for their general business operations will not be well suited to running an Undernet server.


Recently, Undernet has received reports that a non-affiliated person has been sending out requests to large numbers of network & hosting providers asking for sponsorship of resources to link a server to our network.

We do not have full visibility of where all these requests have been sent but understand they likely come from either the name Nikolaos Kostopoulos (GMail) or Alex Koukoulas (admin@underlab.org)
-- both the same individual.

Please be advised that is person is not currently, and never has been, an official representative of Undernet. He is not acting on our behalf and his e-mails has been misrepresenting us and providing misleading & incorrect information.

If you have received one of these requests from him, please let us know at r-com@undernet.org and disregard the request.

We appreciate your help and we apologize if his requests caused any undue hardship.

Undernet Routing Committee

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